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"Suffer to Glory" is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase on Bandcamp


About Solstice

Solstice Rider is a metal band that formed in Maryland in 2020. We enjoy exploring concepts and themes related to the human condition and using fantasy and other various imagery. Solstice Rider pulls from some of the lightest and the heaviest genres of music varying between being light atmospheric music or some of the heaviest death metal.  At long last "Star of the North," our first EP has been released in full in 2021, with "Game of Life" being the leading track and our first single released.

Solstice Rider began in 2020 at the beginning of a new era of history. Solstice Rider has been something in the works for over 10 years. I started my journey as a composer and a musician at the age of 13 when I was listening to bands like Black Sabbath and System of a Down. Gradually I started to listen to bands from Scandinavia and my sound has been evolving ever since. When I was 16 I founded a power metal band called "Tabris" with my friend Justin back in 2009. Around that time I wrote with him our first album but never recorded it because of being young and stupid. As I grew older I began to refine my skills as a composer and started to try to figure myself out knowing this would influence my sound much better.


I personally think every composer has a sound inside them, they just need to know themselves to find it. Solstice Rider began to take shape even more so as it moved away from the sound that it was originally inspired from and into more of a unique blend of sounds from many different sources that make up "me".


It is my belief that as I write, people with similar tastes in music will find value and find meaning for their own lives in my music, and live their lives as the warriors and shield maidens they are meant to be.


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